Thursday, July 20, 2006


At the bergining of the year rabbi berger said that all the bocherim who keep zman and do all the right things for 5 weeks will go on the lech leca trip at the end of the five weeks there were 15 guys who did all this but five guys were going to florida for chanuka so thay couldint go.

we started of by going skiing on wensday night then thersday we set of to baltermore marryland we got a flat on the way got stuck in snow storms it took us 19 hours to get there
insed of 8 the whole way we feberbrengd with shnair our maspia shoch was the good old driver

after shabbos we went to the ESPN zone where we were given a limted amout of money to spend about an hour before we left some one gave us a 7 hour free pass

sunday we went to the holocaust meseum after that we went to watch a hockey game in
washington dc then we went to the white house to see good old bush then we headed back to ottawa

Monday, July 17, 2006


Shoch gave a call asking if i wanted to go to his cusin in maryland for shabbos so me gav mair went we packed in to this small green car it was so small shoch had to stear with his knees we had a party after shabbos took some hummers for a spin and on the way back we celebrated new eve with beer a sparkelers by some gas station


It took two years to plan so when we found out that we were going to go to israel we knew it would be awsome we tour'd from top to bottom right to left there isint words to discribe the exspirense we had you just had to be there the time of life belive me

snipering. takeing out the enemy
chilling on a tank
the yeshiva by the chotel

Friday, July 14, 2006


check out the purim party the chasidsh disco the only one in the world thanks to mendy ajzenszmidt for making it happen. with unlimeted beer we party'd all night

our DJ mendy rocking the house (on the right)
the rabbi's dancing
check out the yeshiva new uniform it make's you feel at home
the yeshiva went mowhawk's this year thanks to our barber texas

helping a sheliach

rabbi berger gets a call from rabbi gets saying he need some help moving out from his chabad house in watertown so rabbi berger ask's me yanky texas and gav and vince to go we work'd the whole day and still only did one out of 20 room's in the end we leave at about 4am when we get to the border we stop off to check out this beautiful sun rise now thats a cool sunrise


Evrey year in yeshiva just before pesach we go on a 3 day ski trip to adelwise this year only one kid broke a leg thats not to bad

bloom lerning how not to fall down
good old shoch thank g-d the ski's were strong

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

vocational school

after along morning of lerning torah in the afternoon we get our hands dirty at vocational school in the car shop and welding

yanky working hard lol
on the left yanky then our cool teacher rod then kutchy

saying good bye to shoch

after a year and a half of shoch teaching lol in ottawa he left us before pesach we wisht him all the best

going home for pesach

me saying good bye before pesach

rolla hockey

when we are not play fighting or reading the dose and metro we play rolla hockey in the back of yeshiva the aim of the game is to get it in the net or to hit the cars going past

rabbi berger and smith are in england

id like to let you know that rabbi berger and smith are in great old england for 2 weeks to Fundraise for the yeshiva so that mama lerena could get paid lol with g-d's help thay should get lots of money

Lag Ba'Omer

lag ba'omer we went to a camp ground where we had a bbq played sports and had a bomfire
mike bye the fire
the guys playing baseball nice swing hude


To keep our self from dieing of boredom at night we would play fight dont worry no one died. that i know of

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

paintball shooting

thursday 15th june

6 lucky guy went paintball shooting for coming to 20 chumish shirs

kutchy with a gun

my room in yeshiva

friday 16 june come on england. england pride in my window
an normal day in my room chilling

clif jumping

sunday 18th june

sunday we were bored so we went to a 40ft clif where we spent the afternoon jumping and diving off it lots of fun

the end of year trip WHITE WATER RAFTING

monday 19th june
for the end of year trip we went white water rafting for 4 hours then we played volly ball the we had a BBQ it was cool crasy white water
rabbi smith shooting some hoops
the guys playing volly ball