Thursday, July 20, 2006


At the bergining of the year rabbi berger said that all the bocherim who keep zman and do all the right things for 5 weeks will go on the lech leca trip at the end of the five weeks there were 15 guys who did all this but five guys were going to florida for chanuka so thay couldint go.

we started of by going skiing on wensday night then thersday we set of to baltermore marryland we got a flat on the way got stuck in snow storms it took us 19 hours to get there
insed of 8 the whole way we feberbrengd with shnair our maspia shoch was the good old driver

after shabbos we went to the ESPN zone where we were given a limted amout of money to spend about an hour before we left some one gave us a 7 hour free pass

sunday we went to the holocaust meseum after that we went to watch a hockey game in
washington dc then we went to the white house to see good old bush then we headed back to ottawa


At 4:23 pm, Blogger Nemo said...

Hello there,

I came across you randomly, glad to hear from/about you after all this time. I'm in Sydney now but missing good 'ol Bnei Brak forever.



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