Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hezbollah ‘Captures’ Chabad Balloons!

Balloons released by kids participating the Lag BaOmer parade organized by Chabad of Kiryat Shmona, landed on ... all » territory occupied by Hezbollah in the nearby Lebanon. The balloons inscribed with the words, "We Want Moshiach Now", were given to children participating the parade organized by the Shliach, Rabbi Yigal Tzippori.

The Arab television station ‘El Manar’ showed Hezbollah guerrillas proudly displaying their captured ‘loot’ which the station was reporting to be sophisticated Israeli recon equipment. The report was later pulled when they finally figured out what was actually written on the balloons!

Israel’s Channel 10 were discussing the incident with much amusement,


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yanky hope u is feelin well better i know how dat stuff feels btw yo what u been upto besides falling throug ceilings hows life bac in da hood miss ya bro all da best

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