Wednesday, January 17, 2007


When i first came 4 months ago i was told that we would be moving to a new dorm because the dorm that we were in was not in the best condition.
when it would rain it would come threw and when it was hot it would have a bad smell,
you know how it is in the yeshiva world if they say we will be moving soon you just hope it would be the same year, but finely we were told a few weeks ago that they had bought a knew apartments block it sounded good they said we would be moving on Wednesday. so Wednesday we spent half the day packing all our stuff up to move to the new dorm we moved all our stuff in.
at night time we try'd to tern the lights on in my apartment only to find there was no electricity in our apartment so all the guys from my apartment had to head back to the old dorm for the night. we will see what happens tomorrow. here is some pic of us packing up the dorm


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